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Computational Fluid Dynamics

 Dynamic mesh of gear pump, made with snappyHexMesh.

snappy gearpump CFD  1 snappy gearpump CFD 2 snappy gearpump CFD 3

Field velocity

Ustar Gear Pump eps 10  Ustar Gear Pump eps 14

Published in Journal of Fluids Engineering ASME

Simulation of complex geometry (oleo-hydrauilic valve) filling with cast iron. Made in the framework  of the FLEXICAST project.



Tests in wind tunnel

With the Olympic torch Rio 2016

Olympic torch Rio 2016


The wind tunnel balance

Designed by LABSON, the 6 components wind tunnel balance is used for teaching, research and companies projects. Photographs by Jaume Bonastre

DSC01909.JPG DSC01907.JPG DSC01913.JPG


Fluid power laboratory

Photographs by Jaume Bonastre

DSC01845.JPG DSC01856.JPG DSC01867.JPG DSC01880.JPG DSC01889.JPG DSC01895.JPG DSC01828.JPG DSC01831.JPG