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Quality Policy

Dissemination of Quality Policy

This statement of the Quality Policy encourages the establishment of objectives through a strategy that combines human resources with the technical means available to achieve the following master lines:

Foundation of the LABSON Center

Promote in an integrated way teaching, research and innovation to contribute to quality training in close collaboration with our University, and the development of technology by providing knowledge to companies, providing in parallel · High level training based on the generated know-how.

Context of the LABSON Center

The activities will focus on a globalized environment in specific areas of teaching,research and technology transfer activities. The creation and application of knowledge, technologies, processes and training, differentiated from the other centers, will be directed to optimize the resources and to be fully involved in the progress and university, technological and industrial development of the society in which it is developed, with full visibility and commitment.

Values at the LABSON Center

    • Attention, motivation and enthusiasm for the members of the Center

    • The maximum satisfaction of Customers.

    • The promotion of technological innovation and technology transfer.

    • The promotion of activities of continuous improvement.

    • The presence in professional and technical publications

    • The progress of marketing policies regarding product, price, marketing and communication.

    • The dissemination of knowledge in Universities and the industrial field.