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The general objective of LABSON is to generate multidisciplinary knowledge to the design and development of fluid dynamics, and fluid power systems and its application to the automation of machinery and industrial processes. 

This implies: 

  1. Being support for the development and optimization of equipment and system. The center will be a preferential interest in supporting the development and optimization of equipment and technological systems that are of interest to our closest social environment (people with reduced mobility and the elderly). 
  2. Much of the work developed by the Centre consists of applied research projects, with a strong emphasis on technology transfer to industry within the framework of the following: 
    • Research and development
    • Technological Innovation
    • Environmental Protection
    • Engineering
    • Quality
  3. LABSON's research and development activity will be characterized from the point of view of working methodology in,
    • Consider the issues in all their complexity, trying at all times to act with maximum rigor and depth both analytical and experimental treatment.
    • Use and develop theoretical analysis, such as numerical methods in Fluid Mechanics, Fluid-Dynamics, oil hydraulics and pneumatics.
    • Use and develop of experimental analysis in order to contrast the theoretical analysis, with current installations or designing and constructing new installations in situations that require it.
    • Apply the theoretical-experimental aforementioned methodologies to the modeling and design of fluid power and pneumatic equipment and systems with three clearly defined lines: optimization of performance, reduction of environmental impact and satisfaction to the Client.


These three points define the objectives of LABSON, where only a careful follow-up of the work methodology will provide guarantees of quality and long-term continuity, being this the basic objective to achieve.

The research projects will be funded by national and international public institutions, and by agreements with private companies. Thus, the Center's relations and collaborations with national and foreign entities and societies must first promote the consolidation of existing companies, and second, create new links with other potential companies. In this subject, the technological dependence that sometimes stays with the outside is reduced, consolidating and developing a more dynamic local technology and of high performance.

LABSON is and will be as well the support for teaching of their own field at the Terrassa Campus of the UPC. Special attention is devoted to the training of Doctorates and to their subsequent integration in the industrial sector of our environment.

The Center presents a preferential interest to the attention and satisfaction of its Clients in order to consolidate them and a special interest in promoting potential Clients. Within this objective, the Center offers specialization courses for companies within the sector of its activity.